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London-based Norwegian artist Mörmaid is a constantly exploring figure of progressive electronic music and has proven herself to be an unstoppable creative force in the fields between electronic and vocal experimentation mixed with dancy dream pop. Coupled with a strong sense of rhythmic energy and harmonic drive, DJ-like transitions and personal lyrics, her music is as hypnotic as it is energizing.


Her debut single 'Turn Away' was released 3rd July and her second single ‘G.R.B’ on 14th August. She is also currently in an exciting collaboration with artist and producer Ben Alexander, their song «The Painter» being the first of their releases with more to come.


«Mörmaid serves up a cascading debut pearl in ‘Turn Away’; a song that defies conventions, and one full of idiosyncratic beats, whimsical synth textures and ingenious hooks.» - MEOW Mag on ’Turn Away'

«Mörmaid’s vocals have a quality to them that wouldn’t be amiss on a 60’s torch song yet is a perfect fit for the very modern, electronic arrangement.» - AnalogueTrash on ’The Painter'

Photo: Guro Sommer Værland


No upcoming shows at the moment due to the COVID-19 situation.

Stay tuned for updates and live stream shows.

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