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Norwegian artist and producer Mörmaid is a constantly exploring figure of progressive electro pop and has proven herself to be an unstoppable creative force in the fields between the experimental and the minimalistic. With a strong sense of rhythmic energy and harmonic drive coupled with ethereal vocals and personal lyrics, her music is emotional, hypnotic and with an irresistible pulse that holds you captive.


She has so far collaborated with fellow Norwegian artists such as Ben Alexander, Bård Berg and Murmur, and played the prestigious music industry festival by:Larm in Oslo in 2021. 

She recently signed to Metronomy drummer Anna Prior's Beat Palace Records, and her single We Love We Dive dropped 6th September 2022. 

Launched alongside a suave visualiser, the six-minute single is unashamedly maximal, with synthesizers and sequencers whirring forwards and rhythms intertwining. Probing live electronics and sampling, field recordings and vocal process to manipulate her sound is something that’s within Mörmaid's both spirit and practice. “We Love We Dive” encapsulates that perfectly, with Mörmaid's vocal sometimes pushed right up close to the speaker, or opened up so that it feels like it’s trying to fill a cavernous space without breaking the emotional thread.



Photo: Guro Sommer Værland



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